Burn of 180 Million ARI10 Tokens

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317,742,857.596 ARI10

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Start date
6 months ago / 2024-01-31 18:27:29
End date
5 months ago / 2024-02-08 23:00:00

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Issue Statement:

To further pursue deflation as a strategy for success, the proposal is to burn 180 million ARI10 tokens. This represents over 20% of the additional supply and will be executed through daily burns of 1 million tokens over 180 days, commencing from the day of BTC halving.


1. Burn the Tokens:

  • Increases token value.

  • Eliminates unnecessary token holdings by the team, advisors, etc.

  • Aligns with new tokenomics introduced in Q1.

  • Boosts community confidence in the team's commitment.

  • Signifies a significant marketing impact.

  • Rewards old holders with increased value.

2. Do Not Burn the Tokens:


Potential arguments against the burn, with concerns about insufficient tokens for other initiatives.

Additional Info:

To proceed with the burn, a quorum of 250 million power of votes and a minimum of 100 voters are required.