Mystery NFTs for sleepers

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last year / 2023-03-15 15:38:43
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last year / 2023-03-18 15:38:43

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Dear members of the crypto community, We had an internal discussion about the Mystery NFTs airdrop for people who didn't supply us with their addresses in time and It would be great if you could give us the final answer on what should be done.


There are 6 out of 50 wallets that were late: 0x802C535667955e74111381c0B69dA5dA0Ba72AAF 0x43F702997290c8D8FBcA1602283D8B8dD888DF40 0x9E23031C3d4F24F4c3263909CC9d7fAbfeE0CdB4 0xF5D13c4DC959a4Eab11B9b378B0638A8AC8bB79d 0x9aBD34972E4ef97763B9dBC910a899c86216De42 0x7b92776F77DAd10D944d6F4809572d879616c9e4

They have staked enough tokens before the zero hour and claim there were no more requirements at this point as the original table shows welcome pack and exclusive NFT drop separately. Additionaly there was not enough information posted on the Medium. On the other hand, the team has been informing people many times on the live AMAs, twitter and other socials and telegram channels about the need of getting necessary information as the NFTs are connected to the physical items included in welcome packs. Additionaly all the actions were continued for more than two months.

Option 1: Give them the NFTs

Pros: We won't exclude any of the early investors. Everyone will be treated the same. We will follow the original table that does not include all the information and could be misleading for some readers.

Cons: This precedent could lead to more of them in the future. It could be not fair towards the whales which made it in time. Some of the participants are still unknown to us, which may delay rewards processing.

Option 2: Do not give the NFTs

Pros: There will be higher rewards for people who supplied all the details in the right time. Team we will keep the word as everyone has been informed many times to provide the necessary information.

Cons: Some of the whales won't recieve the NFT's and can lower the conribute to the community. We may experiance the sell of the tokens from their side.

As a team we will abstain from voting. Thank you for your attention and participation in this important matter. Ari10 Team