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last year / 2023-06-14 18:00:56
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last year / 2023-06-30 21:59:00

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Dear valued members of the Ari10 community,

We have noticed that the token price is not moving in the desired direction, and therefore, we must take decisive measures. After careful consideration, we firmly believe that we need to address inflation and make the token an appealing asset for both retail and institutional investors. This governance proposal marks the beginning of a series of changes that will be implemented in the coming months. We highly value your input, and no actions will be taken without the community's acceptance.

The first step towards improving the situation and supporting the token is to reassess the staking incentives. As you know, the current staking rewards contribute to significant token inflation, which can have adverse effects on its value. Additionally, we are prepared to make substantial changes to the token and its ecosystem, making this revision crucial.

Option 1: Close the staking pools on July 1, 2023, and unlock all tokens and rewards.


  • Token inflation will be significantly reduced, with 16,773,267 fewer tokens being distributed.

  • It provides clarity regarding the current selling pressure, avoiding the need to wait until November.

  • We will have the opportunity to implement changes in the token promptly.

  • Existing holders who have earned substantial rewards will be recognized, as new stakings will have a minimal annual percentage rate (APR) to maintain inflation at or below 0.

  • All rewards will be claimable in the upcoming weeks, rather than waiting until November.


  • Some holders may express dissatisfaction with the rule change and the lack of additional tokens.

  • There might be a temporary decrease in the token price in the coming days, although it is important to note that such a decline would likely occur regardless.

Option 2: Maintain the current staking rewards and dates without alterations.


  • Upholds fair rules and original assumptions.

  • Delays high selling pressure until November, as initially planned.


  • There will be an additional 16,773,267 tokens available for sale, potentially causing a price decrease of more than 22%.

  • Less token will be bought through our burns.

We strongly encourage the community to carefully evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each option and vote in favor of the proposal they believe will best serve the long-term stability and growth of the ARI10 token.

We sincerely appreciate your attention and active participation in this important matter.

Best regards,

The Ari10 Team